Wildeboer-Net sample wall for further fire protection education

  • Wildeboer hands over exhibit with communication system and fire dampers to EIPOS
  • Active support for educational measures in the field of fire protection
  • Example system with full range of functions demonstrates simple installation, commissioning and operation

Weener, 5 December 2017 – Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH has provided the European Institute for Postgraduate Education (EIPOS) with a sample "Wildeboer-Net" BS2 communication system wall for training purposes. The valuable exhibit demonstrates the construction, the function and multiple application options of the control solution for fire dampers. This way the manufacturer from Weener provides active support for the further education opportunities of the institute in the field of fire protection, and simultaneously expands the scope of practical examples presented in seminars. The training wall thus shows how specialist planners and system engineers can provide optimum fire safety with low personnel and time requirements using a control system which is easy to install and operate.

For this purpose the exhibit was equipped with a fully functional example of the self-contained solution with its modular set-up. It has a motor module for controlling two FK90K fire dampers and an I/O module which is used to integrate a manual button and a warning lamp into the system. The central operating unit of the exhibit also demonstrates the intuitive handling and comprehensive range of functions of the communication system in a practical manner. Example release groups can be set up or times for automatic fire damper functional checks can be set. Additional figures illustrate the comprehensive options for integration into a higher-level control and communication system using gateways, and into an OPC server. The sample wall was handed over just recently during the EIPOS fire protection experts conference in Dresden.

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