Wildeboer to start direct sales in the Netherlands

  • Manufacturer opens its first own representative office in another European country
  • Sales of complete solutions for buildings with a comprehensive product range
  • Richard van Oudenallen is the direct contact for customers in the Netherlands

Weener, 12. June 2017 – With the opening of a representative office in Utrecht, Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH has taken direct control of its activities on the Dutch market for the first time. After several years of successful sales partnership with an exclusive partner, Wildeboer will now supply Dutch customers with the entire product range from the fields of fire protection, noise protection, air distribution and building control technology, directly. "The Dutch market is very interesting for us because it has a comparable structure to Germany", explains Sales Director Franz Ewald Koopmann. "Therefore, in future we will also be implementing our successful sales concept, concentrating on complete equipment for buildings. The opening of the new office is a first important step in the process."

The company is banking on its profile in the Netherlands and the high specialist competence of the respective sales representatives. With Richard van Oudenallen, Wildeboer has taken on an experienced sales specialist who, thanks to more than 20 years of experience, is already perfectly familiar with the manufacturer's products. "The new presence will provide Dutch customers with a direct line to Wildeboer", van Oudenallen adds. "This way, they benefit from the comprehensive product range, a competent consultancy service provided locally, and short delivery times. At the same time, we bring new competence to the market as we act as a supplier of comprehensive solutions for buildings."

Repräsentanzbüro Utrecht (NL)

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