DF Swirl Diffuser

  • suitable for supply and exhaust air
  • radial air distribution via conical diffusers
  • smooth air flow
  • optional reducer for ceiling clamping installations
  • nominal sizes: DN100 until DN355
  • Hygiene certificate

Product Info

DF Swirl Diffusers are suitable for constant and variable supply air volume flows and exhaust air. The radial air distribution occurs via conical diffusors on square or circular front plates with radial blades as air deflection elements. DF Swirl Diffusers are made of powder coated, galvanized sheet steel.

The diffusers have low turbulence connection elements for optimum air distribution with lowest flow noises. Special perforated plates provide a smooth air flow. With help of reducers made of galvanized sheet steel, DF Swirl Diffusers are suitable for installation in ceilings.

One lateral connecting piece is possible as standard. Optional, a damper and special air deflector plates are available for optimum air distribution. Setting volume flow rate is possible without dismounting of the swirl diffuser.

Nominal sizes: DN100 until DN355 mm

This product has been awarded the hygiene certificate (...).



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