DT Swirl Diffuser

  • suitable for supply and exhaust air
  • high-performance, progressively twisted blade profile
  • perfect room flow
  • Nominal sizes ∅: 325 mm until 625 mm
  • Hygiene certificate

Product Info

DT Swirl Diffusers feature the well-proven, high-performance, progressively twisted blade profile. This facilitates high volume flow rates at low sound power levels. The radial, axially symmetrical design of the front plate ensures perfect room flow performance. The DT Swirl Diffuser is suitable for supply air and exhaust air with constant and variable volume flow rates. The symmetrical air distribution takes place via a square or circular front plate with visually attractive radial design. DT Swirl Diffusers cause a high induction effect with the room air directly at the diffuser. DT Swirl Diffusers are made of powder coated, galvanized sheet steel.

Nominal sizes: 325 mm until 625 mm 
Hole pattern: 325 mm until 600 mm

This product has been awarded the hygiene certificate (...).



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