DV Swirl Diffuser

  • suitable for supply and exhaust air
  • radial air deflection blades, arranged in a axially symmetrical pattern
  • adjustable air deflection blades
  • Nominal sizes ∅: 325 mm until 825 mm
  • Hygiene certificate

Product Info

DV Swirl Diffusers with radial air deflection blades made of steel and arranged in axially symmetrical pattern. This special design guarantees optimum room flow performance. The DV Swirl Diffuser is suitable for constant and variable supply air volume flow rates. The radial air distribution takes place via centrally slotted, square or circular front plates with adjustable, steel air deflection blades invisibly fastened on the rear. The room air flow can be altered later to suit room geometries by means of the adjustable air deflection blades. DV Swirl Diffusers are made of powder coated, galvanized sheet steel.

DV exhaust air diffuser is a diffuser without air deflection blades which is suitable for exhaust air only. The product favours larger free cross-sections and higher volume flow rates at the same sound power levels. The design, surfaces and dimensions are the same as for the supply air swirl diffuser.

Nominal sizes: 325 mm until 825 mm
Hole pattern:   325 mm until 800 mm

This product has been awarded the hygiene certificate (...).




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