VR1 Volume Flow Controller

  • maintenance-free & independent of position
  • suitable for supply air and exhaust air in ventilation systems
  • suitable for constant volume flows
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Hygiene certificate

Product Info

Mechanical VR1 volume flow controller for installation (independent of position) in ventilation ducts for supply air and exhaust air of ventilation systems. The circular casing with nominal sizes from DN80 to DN315 and the control mechanism are made of galvanized sheet steel. The reference volume flow is adjusted via regulating device with rotary pointer, scale and lock. The volume flow range is between Vmin = 50m³/h and Vmax = 3100m³/h, the pressure range between 50 Pa and 1000 Pa. The adjustment can be done manually or optional by actuator.

Maintenance-free VR1 volume flow controllers are  controllers for constant volume flows. They operate without an auxiliary power supply. The volume flow is maintained constant at variable pressures in the indicated pressure range with a variation of about ±5% to ±10%.


  • SRC duct silencer, lengths 600 mm and 900 mm

This product has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) (...) and  has been awarded the hygiene certificate (...).


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