VRE1 Volume Flow Controller

  • maintenance-free & independent of position
  • suitable for constant and variable volume flows
  • efficiency signal
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Hygiene certificate

Product Info

Electronic VRE1 volume flow controllers are suitable for constant and variable volume flows. They are maintenance-free, independent of position and can be installed in supply air as well as exhaust air of ventilation systems.

An innovative measurement principle allows the calculation of the volume flow rate and regulation from the differential pressure and the angular position of the damper blade. An efficiency signal is calculated simultaneously. In this way, operating pressure of the ventilation system can be continously optimized to save energy.

At all pressures the innovative measurement principle enables in the volume flow ranges of approx. 1 : 10 the high control precision of ±5 % until ±15 % from the reference volume flow.

The operating modes "constant", "variable" and "4-point" are possible in addition to the overriding controls, "open" and "closed". The operating mode "variable" is possible in the operation modes 0 – 10 V, 2 – 10 V and 2 – 8 V.


  • SRC duct silencer, lengths 600 mm and 900 mm

This product has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) (...) and  has been awarded the hygiene certificate (...).



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