BS2-IO-01 IO-module

  • Connection from external sensors and actuators
  • Use for sequential circuit
  • Activities and functions are remote-controlled, or controlled using the module’s push buttons

Product Info

BS2-IO-1 modules each allow up to 8 external sensors and actuators to be connected. The modules can be used for sequential circuit. For instance, fans can be switched off. All activities and functions can be remote-controlled and manually controlled via the IO module’s push buttons.

  • Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz with Europlug and 1.5 m connection cable.
  • Power supply unit for the system electronics. Microfuse, T 2.5 A, replaceable via front side.
  • LEDs for displaying operational data.
  • Push buttons for manual operation.
  • Plastic casing 250 mm x 110 mm, 85 mm height. Protection class II, protection rating IP40.
  • Modules permanently store data, even in the event of a power failure.
  • Real-time clock with leap year correction and switches to daylight saving/standard time. Initial charge time of the buffer capacitor 30 minutes, discharge time 31 days.
  • Galvanically isolated CAN bus connections with plug-in screw terminals.
  • Data cable: Twisted pair 1 x 2 x 0.34 mm², 120 Ω, shielded. Length between modules up to 100 m.
  • 8 galvanically isolated inputs (24 V DC) according to EN 61131-2 (Type 1) for external sensors. Connections with plug-in screw terminals.
  • 8 galvanically isolated outputs (24 V DC / 0.6 A) according to EN 61131-2 for external actuators. Connections with plug-in screw terminals.
  • 24 V DC for inputs and outputs on site.


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