FK90 Fire Damper for commercial kitchens

  • maintenance-free
  • approval 41.3-670
  • manual opening or motorized version available
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Hygiene certificate

Product Info

FK90 fire dampers for commercial kitchens with a fire resistance period of 90 minutes are consistent with the European state of the art in accordance with EN 1366-2. The fire damper is based on the established FK90 fire damper, series FK92. An innovative technique closes the damper blade in less than 3 seconds. Offered in sizes from 275 mm x 275 mm to 1500 mm x 800 mm (W x H).

The fire damper is available in two versions: With crank handle for manual opening or as motorized version with electrical drive for opening and closing.

FK90 fire dampers, series FK90-Kitchen, in combination with the control unit FKKUE-03 extend the range of functions by ensuring the simple integration of the fire damper into the BS2 communication system Wildeboer Net.

The dampers can be installed in rigid walls and ceilings. Furthermore, they can be installed in metal stud walls cladded on both sides as well as in metal stud walls cladded on one side (shaft walls).

Components that come into contact with exhaust air are encapsulated and either epoxy resin powder coated or made from rust-free stainless steel. They were constructed for permanent use. Cleaning can be achieved by conventional wiping or, for specialized applications, by applying carbon dioxide dry ice in a jet cleaning process.

This product has been awarded the hygiene certificate (...).



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