FKU90 Fire Damper, Series FKU91

  • according to DIN 4102-6
  • for independently fire resistant suspended ceilings
  • approval Z-41.3-714
  • casing and damper blade made of calcium silicate
  • sizes 325mm - 600 mm
  • Hygiene certificate

Product Info

FKU90 fire dampers of the FKU91 series are suitable for suspended ceilings with 90 minutes fire resistance in construction types as screwed and filled slab ceilings. The ceilings can be cantilevered, wide span, suspended and combined through Friezes.

The casing and the damper blade are made of temperature-resistant, abrasion-resistant calcium silicate. FKU90 fire dampers have a side connection joint, complete encapsulation of the actuator mechanism and a thermal release device for 70°C, manual or motorized.

Optional: release device in false ceiling area for early fire detection. Minimum sound power level depending on the type of diffuser. Lower weight for easier handling. FKU90 fire dampers are available in nominal sizes from 325 to 600.

This product has been awarded the hygiene certificate.

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