FR90 Fire damper in short lengths

  • maintenance-free
  • CE marking
  • short overall length
  • minimum installation distances

Product Info

Maintenance-free FR90 fire dampers, series FR92K, conform to the European product standard EN 15650, have the CE marking and are suitable for a fire resistance period of 30/60/90/120 minutes.

Installation is possible in rigid walls and ceilings as well as metal stud walls with any damper blade axis. FR90 fire dampers, series FR92K, are suitable for connection to air ducts, also made of combustible building materials.

The airtight casing is made of galvanised steel, with an abrasion-resistant calcium silicate damper blade. The enclosed release elements release at a nominal temperature of 72°C. Available sizes from DN100 to DN315.

In sizes DN100 to DN200, the FR90 fire damper, series FR92K, can be used in openings for air transfer with protective grilles on both sides . A non-return valve is optionally available, which opens automatically and with a pressure delay in the intended direction of flow. With backflow and without flow, the non-return valve is closed.

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