OR31 Smoke Detector

  • suitable for all fire and smoke protection dampers
  • installation independent from airflow direction
  • installation can be done without restrictions

Product Info

OR31 smoke detectors are suitable for all fire dampers and smoke protection dampers in buildings. The smoke detector causes fire and smoke dampers to close upon:

  • Detection of smoke in a ventilation duct
  • Power failure
  • Failure of the smoke detector (wire breakage, missing smoke detector, short circuit)
  • Smoke detector system fault
  • Exceeding the maximum  degree of contamination of the smoke detector
  • Manual release via control panel, if available

Associated fans can also be shut down. In this way, the transfer of (cold) smoke to other fire areas via ventilation ducts is prevented, in order to comply with building regulatory requirements. The smoke detector comes as standard with contamination tracking and a contamination level indicator.
OR31 smoke detectors operate regardless of their installation position and the direction of the air flow. They can be installed without restrictions in the walls of ventilation ducts and in fire dampers.

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