OR32 Smoke Detector

  • suitable for square and circular ventilation ducts
  • suitable for all fire and smoke protection dampers
  • installation in air transfer applications
  • approval Ü-FK Z-6.50-2132
  • approval Ü-FR Z-6.50-2133

Product Info

OR32 smoke detectors control the internal space of ventilation ducts. In case of smoke a signal occurs that can cause the closing of fire dampers or smoke protection dampers as well as the switching of fans.

The smoke detector can be installed in ventilation ducts, directly in fire dampers or in casing extensions for fire dampers. Thus, fire dampers and smoke detectors can be combined. The electronics of OR32 smoke detector for analysis of the detector and for electrical power connection is located in a control unit with a closed casing made of plastics. The automatic tracking of the response thresholds for smoke detection ensures a long endurance and service life also at contaminations due to operating conditions. Switches for testing of functions and for reset after a smoke detection are located in the control unit.

Operating positions, failures and contamination levels are shown by LEDs, remote indications can be installed.


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