Face-to-face seminar (German)

One-day seminar on the basics and installation of fire dampers

Seminar goal

This webinar will be held exclusively in German.

The seminar provides you with the expertise required for the safe handling and installation of fire dampers with Würth products.

In this seminar you will learn

  • how fire dampers are tested.
  • which certificates are required for fire dampers.
  • what function the fire dampers have.
  • the structure of Wildeboer fire dampers.
  • which applicable standards and guidelines are used.
  • the installation options for Wildeboer fire dampers.
  • what typical practical mistakes are made and how to avoid them in future.
  • which building products are required to seal fire dampers.
  • which fastening technology you can use when installing fire dampers.

You will become active and will

  • independently install fire dampers in lightweight and solid walls.
  • experience 6 different installation situations for fire dampers in practice.
  • experience typical practical errors and work out how to avoid them.
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM CET
Rainer Willms (Training)
Event location
Lierenfelder Str. 53
40231 Düsseldorf
Participation fee
All prices in Euro, plus VAT.

If you have any further questions, please contact Rainer Willms by e-mail at rainer.willms@wildeboer.de or by telephone on +49 4951 950-168.

Contact person

Rainer Willms