What we do, we do it for you.

Whether in the office or the home, building services play an important part in ensuring that our living environment and workplaces are both comfortable and safe.

This is what motivates us in everything we do. We develop, manufacture and distribute products for fire protection, noise protection, air distribution and building control systems. This integrated approach reflects the high quality standards to which our company is committed. From the first design through to delivery on site, we truly stand by our products.

From the outset our business has revolved around consistently bringing together R&D, Production, Sales and Service. Contrary to all the periodically recurring management trends which see the future in outsourcing, diversification and globalisation, we adhere to our corporate structure and culture as a medium-sized family business. Motivation, experience and knowledge don't just come out of thin air, but call for an environment founded on trust, appreciation and continuity.

It is with this approach that we started developing cost-effective, reliable products in 1939, meanwhile manufacturing them in high volumes. We generally deliver on site within 72 hours and get to know our customers personally.

What we do, we do for you: our customers, staff and everyone who lives and works in buildings equipped with our technology.

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Our key principles

Our company's key principles are the touchstone for our daily work. They are the essence of what drives us and informs our decision-making.

We think in solutions

We develop efficient and reliable solutions for ventilation and air conditioning. In operation, our products improve levels of comfort and safety for building occupants. From planning through to execution, our design experience, expert technical support and fast service ensure that each project is implemented smoothly. 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

If our customers are successful, so are we. We support the work of planners and contractors with our expertise and the quality of our products, ensuring that specifications and goals are attained quickly and comprehensively. And, of course, customer satisfaction also means user-friendly operation.

Skilled and experienced staff are our capital

The success of our products, and of our business, depends on top-quality staff who enjoy their work. That's why we promote continuous training and development combined with a climate of honesty, respect and professionalism.

We deliever high quality

We guarantee the high quality of our products through in-house R&D, transparent quality standards and production based right here in Germany.