Reliably Secure

The comforting Wildeboer feeling

Absolutely reliable systems for fire protection and ventilation: safe and easy to use, flexible to install and state-of-the-art. This - and more - is what our customers expect from Wildeboer. The fact that we continue to justify this trust has a lot to do with our research and development department. This is where laws, standards and guidelines meet innovative engineering spirit and demanding test conditions that validate our findings.


Be innovative and stay innovative

In our research and development laboratories in Weener, we lay the foundations for new, innovative products. As a result, our building elements, components and control systems are always state of the art. In our laboratories, we also ensure the development of our existing products throughout their entire lifecycle and develop needs-based, customised solutions that offer real added value.

The fire test furnace

The development of fire and smoke dampers requires a very high level of engineering skill, a developer's spirit and the appropriate equipment to analyse and develop products and product ideas to the highest standards. This is why we have designed and built our own firing furnace for product development. It is one of the largest and most advanced in Europe. It contains a great deal of engineering spirit and the absolute determination to create the best possible product. We subject our prototypes and products to the toughest standardised conditions in the furnace to test their quality and safety.

The flow laboratory

In addition to safety, comfort is an important research topic. It is about the health and well-being of the occupants, avoiding draughts and optimising the supply of fresh air, always taking into account the thermal effects. This is because both heat radiation from outside and heat sources in the room influence the flow conditions. In the flow laboratory, we can model real room situations, verify simulated air flows and thus make reliable statements about comfort.

The acoustics laboratory

Sound emissions also have an impact on the health and comfort of occupants. In the acoustic laboratory, we measure the flow and radiated noise of our products through which air flows. Drive noise and transmission losses are also recorded. Sound-absorbing products are also developed and tested here to reduce unavoidable noise emissions to comfortable levels.

The electrotechnical laboratories

Electrically powered equipment can affect other equipment, systems and people. Our components and systems are designed according to the state of the art and recognised safety regulations.
They are programmed and built in our own software and hardware laboratories. Electromagnetic interactions, environmental compatibility and electrical safety are tested at all stages of development, including in our own laboratories.