Building control systems: All about building automation

Building systems technology deals with the intelligent networking and communication of system components of technical installations and systems in buildings. Building systems technology can also be seen as an essential aspect of modern building automation, which makes a decisive contribution to increasing efficiency, safety and optimising building operation and management.

Wildeboer-Net: Innovation in building systems technology

Our advanced Wildeboer-Net communication system provides centralised intelligent control for the essential aspects of fire protection and air distribution within buildings. With its BS2 bus system components and the innovative KS2 compact control unit, the specially developed control system adapts seamlessly to your control technology requirements. With Wildeboer-Net, you not only get maximum adaptability to your needs and simple planning, but also benefit from a cost-efficient solution for the fire protection and air distribution of your building projects.

Modular concept and customisation

The strength of Wildeboer-Net lies in the modular design of its components, which make it possible to configure the control system precisely according to the specific requirements of each building type.

The system adapts flexibly and supports building control with an efficient and user-friendly design. You benefit from a well thought-out system configuration that promises individual, efficient and problem-free implementation of your ideas.

Cost transparency and planning security

Another decisive advantage of the Wildeboer-Net system is the cost transparency and security it offers you in all phases of the construction project: From initial planning to ongoing operation, you retain full control over costs with maximum planning and operational reliability. There is no unplanned and expensive additional programming work.

Whether you are an investor, planner, architect or operator of the construction project: Right from the start, in the critical planning phase, we support you with detailed proposals and a clear overview of the budget required for the various system components.

Building systems technology: simple and intuitive

Our aim is to make building system technology understandable and accessible. Complexity should not be an obstacle, but an advantage for the user. Our control system is designed to be easy to install and operate, even without in-depth technical understanding - ideal when the building project is completed and is to be operated by another party. With intuitive user interfaces and a clear structure, we make it easy for you to set up and operate the system.

Wildeboer-Net and the future of building systems technology

Building system technology is an indispensable building block in the architecture of building automation. With Wildeboer-Net, you are opting for a future-oriented control system that helps you to realise your fire protection and air distribution requirements effectively and cost-effectively. Convince yourself of the intuitive operation and innovative performance that Wildeboer-Net has to offer.

Experience how uncomplicated and powerful modern building system technology can be and be convinced by the innovative, intuitive and easy-to-operate control system in the field of fire protection and air distribution!

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