KS2-MIO-01 multi-IO module
KS2 compact control unit

KS2-MIO-01 multi-IO module

The multi-input/output module KS2-MIO-01 expands the inputs and outputs for on-site sensors or actuators. It also has multifunctional inputs and outputs as well as signal relay outputs. This means that on-site sensors and actuators, such as the fire alarm center or the building management system, can be connected to the KS2 compact control.

Technical details

  • Connection of on-site actuators and sensors
  • For the control of fire dampers
  • Parameterisable via Wildeboer-Net software 
  • Line monitoring for connected potential-free relay contacts

Product details

The KS2-MIO-01 multi input/output module of the KS2 compact controller has multifunctional inputs and signal relay outputs. This allows the KS2 system to be conveniently connected to on-site sensors and actuators, such as the fire alarm control panel or the building management system.

In order to ensure the internal compartmentalisation of a building in the event of fire, other fire dampers often have to close when a fire damper or smoke detector is triggered. With the KS2 compact control unit, trigger groups can be created with software support.

The multifunctional inputs of the KS2-MIO-01 module can be integrated into trigger groups with little effort. The control scenarios required for the internal partitioning to keep smoke out, as prescribed by building regulations, can thus be parameterised quickly and flexibly.

All inputs and outputs can also be integrated into calendar controls so that product-specific actions can be carried out automatically at defined times or at fixed intervals.

Connection options:

  • Fire dampers with thermal-mechanical release device (TMA) with limit switches.
  • Fire protection valves with limit switches
  • Sensors and actuators 
  • Interface to building management system and/or fire alarm control panel
  • monitored, wired transmission paths

The KS2 compact control unit - as part of the overall Wildeboer-Net system - is used to control and monitor fire protection and ventilation components in buildings. Get to know all the advantages of our new product here.

Product pictures

Media & Downloads

User manual KS2 compact control unit (2024-02 / DE)
Installation and operating manual KS2 compact control unit (2023-02 / DE)

Optional accessories

Two top-hat rail connectors connect the peripheral bus of the modules to each other if they are installed on different DIN top-hat rails. The two top-hat rail connectors are connected by using a pre-assembled P-Net cable.

The line termination is used to connect the resistor combinations for cable monitoring easily.