Safe and easy control

Intelligent building automation with Wildeboer-Net

Variable control system for every type of building

Building automation has developed fast due to many advances in control systems. The Wildeboer-Net is a key driver of these innovations by providing a variable, reliable and efficient control system for fire protection and ventilation components for buildings of all types and sizes.
The Wildeboer-Net reliably controls fire dampers in the event of a fire and ensures that prescribed functional tests are reliably carried out and documented. It can also regulate air flows and the room climate. Specific scenarios can also be flexibly implemented.
A holistic approach is required when planning building system technology. The simpler and more systematically the components can be planned, the more reliably and cost-effectively projects can be realised. This is precisely where the Wildeboer-Net communication system comes in:

  • Variable control system for every type of building
  • Highest operational safety with maximum reliability
  • Set up your fire protection control system with little effort
  • Save time and money during installation

Wildeboer-Net: Perfect for a wide range of building types and requirements

The dynamic of modern buildings requires an adaptive and scalable solution in the field of building systems technology. The Wildeboer-Net is characterised by its adaptable architecture, which enables customised solutions for fire protection components and ventilation components. Safety for building users and operators, especially for ventilation components and fire protection components, always takes centre stage.
As a future-proof control system, it offers maximum operational safety and at the same time guarantees a considerable reduction in downtimes. It forms the backbone for reliable control of fire protection and ventilation components. In addition, the system is designed to significantly reduce commissioning times as well as the running costs of the control system and to lower project costs.

Customised configuration with Wildeboer-Net

The Wildeboer-Net control system, which was specially developed for technical building equipment (TGA), has become even more powerful and variable thanks to the new KS2 compact control system. In combination with the tried and tested BS2 bus system, the result is a powerful, precise system for controlling and networking fire protection and air distribution components. The flexibility of the application allows the system to be customised to the specific requirements of each building.
The components of a Wildeboer-Net solution have a modular structure, are pre-configured and allow time and effort-saving installation. This approach not only simplifies the mass determination of the required components, but also guarantees maximum planning reliability and flexibility.

How the Wildeboer-Net system works

Maximum operational reliability with comprehensive fail-safety

Safety is at the centre of the Wildeboer-Net system. By integrating motorised fire dampers, for example, prescribed functional tests can be carried out easily, quickly and automatically from a distance. Another plus point is the calendar control. This allows, for example, functional tests of fire dampers to be carried out automatically and reliably documented on the desired date or at regular intervals.
Your advantage: Costly downtime can be minimised. All inputs and outputs of the KS2 compact control system and the BS2 field bus system can be integrated into the calendar control system.

Efficient fire protection management with minimal effort

In terms of fire protection, Wildeboer-Net enables simple configuration of trigger groups to ensure the internal compartmentalisation of a building in the event of a fire. In order to prevent the transmission of cold smoke at an early stage, additional fire dampers often have to close when a fire damper or smoke release device is triggered. These components can be summarised in trigger groups. These groups can be parameterised via the Wildeboer-Net software with a trigger group matrix. This makes it easier to set up complex control scenarios without the need for programming knowledge.

Residual bus operation and simple fault localisation ensure safety in the event of faults, interruptions or short circuits. The trigger groups ensure planning in accordance with the VDI 6010 guideline and thus make a significant contribution to safety in the building.

Time and cost efficiency during start-up

The simple handling of the Wildeboer-Net components ensures quick and effortless commissioning. Connected modules are automatically recognised and addressed by the system. The modern Wildeboer-Net software provides support for parameterisation. If required, you can use the Wildeboer-Net Assistant Pinging App to check the correct wiring of the system with minimum effort.

Wildeboer-Net: Your partner for a customised control solution

Every building project is unique. The Wildeboer-Net software and components offer the flexibility and expertise to design a control system for fire protection and ventilation components tailored to your needs. Our team is ready to help you select and configure the right system components and answer any questions you may have.
Our experts are here to support your project with customised solutions. Simply use our contact form and send us a message. You are also welcome to get in touch with your responsible sales representative. We will get back to you as soon as possible.