BS2-IO-01 IO-module
BS2 field bus system

BS2-IO-01 IO-module

The BS2-IO-01 input/output module enables the connection of up to 8 external sensors and 8 external actuators in the Wildeboer Net. The module can be used for sequential switching as part of building control systems and can switch off fans, for example. All actuations and functions can be operated remotely and also manually via the pushbuttons in the IO module.

Technical details

  • Connection from external sensors and actuators in the context of building management systems
  • Use for sequential circuit in the Wildeboer-Net
  • Activities and functions are remote-controlled, or controlled using the module’s push buttons

Product details

The BS2-IO-01 input/output modules each allow up to 8 external sensors and 8 external actuators to be connected. The modules can be used for sequential circuit in the context of building management systems and for instance, switching fans off. All activities and functions can be remote-controlled in the Wildeboer-Net and in addition manually controlled via the IO module’s push buttons.

  • Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz with Europlug and 1.5 m connection cable.
  • Power supply unit for the system electronics. Microfuse, T 2.5 A, replaceable via front side.
  • LEDs for displaying operational data.
  • Push buttons for manual operation.
  • Plastic casing 250 mm x 110 mm, 85 mm height. Protection class II, protection rating IP40.
  • Modules permanently store data, even in the event of a power failure.
  • Real-time clock with leap year correction and switches to daylight saving/standard time. Initial charge time of the buffer capacitor 30 minutes, discharge time 31 days.
  • Galvanically isolated CAN bus connections with plug-in screw terminals.
  • Data cable: Twisted pair 1 x 2 x 0.34 mm², 120 Ω, shielded. Length between modules up to 100 m.
  • 8 galvanically isolated inputs (24 V DC) according to EN 61131-2 (Type 1) for external sensors. Connections with plug-in screw terminals.
  • 8 galvanically isolated outputs (24 V DC / 0.6 A) according to EN 61131-2 for external actuators. Connections with plug-in screw terminals.
  • 24 V DC for inputs and outputs on site.

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Media & Downloads

User manual BS2 communication system, (2019-04)
Installation and operating manual BS2-IO-01 (2017-09 / DE)