BS2 field bus system



BS2 bus control for complex control requirements

The BS2 bus control system from Wildeboer is a decentralized and modular bus control system, which fully meets your fire protection control requirements for ventilation and air conditioning systems. With the BS2 field bus system, fire and smoke dampers, electronic volume flow and pressure regulators in ventilation and air conditioning systems can be safely and easily controlled automatically. The decentralized and plug-in power supply allows you to install the modules in the immediate vicinity of fire dampers. The BS2 bus control system is suitable for use in both simple and very complex buildings.

All connected modules are automatically addressed when the BS2 bus control unit is commissioned. The easy-to-use software interface makes it easier for users to realise their control scenarios. Functional tests of fire dampers, for example, can be carried out automatically using calendar controls and documented reliably.

The creation of trigger groups and the assignment of components such as fire dampers or smoke protection dampers makes it easy to realise deliberately set control scenarios. Sequential controls allow functions such as fan release to be set according to defined events or the control of volume flow controllers or pressure regulators according to specifications.

The BS2 bus control can be seamlessly expanded with the KS2 compact control. The systems can be seamlessly networked within a ventilation and air conditioning system to fulfil even very complex requirements.

Due to the large selection of modules, you benefit from a well thought-out system configuration that promises customised, efficient and problem-free integration.

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