WiNet-GW Gateways
System components of the Wildeboer Net

WiNet-GW Gateways

The WiNet-GW gateway enables the Wildeboer-Net system to be connected to various open communication protocols and thus also to external building system controls. Protocols can also be served simultaneously from a gateway. This enables the monitoring and control of the connected motorized fire dampers and other system participants from a central control center.

Technical details

  • Gateway for the integration of a building management system
  • Module saves parameterisation data permanently, even in the event of a power failure
  • Galvanically isolated RS-485 interface with pluggable screw terminal
  • Project planning and automatic generation of the EDE file required for BACnet via the WiNet-SW-02 software
  • Up to 2500 data points per gateway possible

Product details

The WiNet-GW gateway enables the Wildeboer-Net system to be connected to various open communication protocols, which makes it possible to monitor and control the connected fire dampers or system participants via an external building management system.

Which system functions are to be visualised or controlled in detail can be set up quickly and clearly via the WiNet-ZB-03 central operating unit or alternatively via the WiNet software on a PC provided by the customer.

Bus protocols

With BACnet, Modbus, LON and KNX, all major communication protocols in building automation are supported. The data points to be transmitted via gateway can be conveniently defined via the central operating unit of the system without the need for separate software or a web browser.

Variants Wildeboer-Net Gateway

A total of three gateways are available, each in two variants with 200 or 1,000 data points. The gateways communicate via Ethernet with the KS2/BS2 main control units of the Wildeboer-Net control system.

For example, status messages from motorised fire dampers are forwarded or the shut-off devices are opened and closed by motor via the building system technology for a functional test of the fire dampers. The communication system automatically creates the EDE file required for data exchange with BACnet after configuration, which ensures smooth connection of the system.

Product pictures

Media & Downloads

User manual BS2 communication system, (2019-04)
Device installation BS2-GW-01, -02 (2019-02 / DE)
Device installation BS2-GW-03, -04 (2019-02 / DE)
Device installation BS2-GW-05, -06 (2019-02 / DE)