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Products from Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH are manufactured exclusively in Germany – at our headquarters in Weener. Production and logistics are highly flexible and most products can be delivered to site within 72 hours if required.

Fire protection, noise protection, air distribution and building control system – get to know our products from the various segments. Find out about new products and get answers to your questions. If you can’t find the right answer, please contact us (...).

Fire protection and smoke extraction

Fire protection measures serve to protect life and health. The protection objectives on which the planning and realisation of buildings are based are defined in § 14 (Fire Protection) of the German Model Building Code (MBO). For this purpose, Wildeboer develops products that aid air distribution within a building with respect to fire protection. Fire dampers or fire protection valves act as automatic shut-off devices in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

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In potentially explosive areas, such as power plants, gas suppliers and sewage aeration and ventilation systems, fire dampers are subject to special rules and regulations. On the basis of performed fire protection tests and assessments (EN 1366-2), fire dampers and fire protection valves are classified in accordance with EN 13501-3. Implementation in the various federal states also requires compliance with the Design Guidelines for Ventilation Systems (M-LüAR), which were introduced under the provisions of the Federal Building Code. All products offered by Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH are regulation-compliant.

Air distribution

The air distribution sector offers products suitable for either the supply air or exhaust air of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Volume flow controllers/limiters regulate the air flow within the systems. As the final component of an air intake system, air outlets distribute conditioned air into the rooms of residential and industrial buildings. Air distribution systems fall into two categories: mixed flow and displacement flow. The position of the air supply also varies: floor, wall or ceiling. Regardless of requirements or application area, Wildeboer manufactures the right air diffusers, such as swirl diffusers, grilles and air valves.

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Building Control System

The control of ventilation and air conditioning systems must comply with the provisions for the respective separate fire protection areas as specified in data sheet VdS 2298 and be implemented such that the fire dampers are specifically triggered where required in the event of fire. We recommend that all fire dampers in the walls and ceilings of separate fire protection areas can be remotely closed where required in the event of fire. This enables the immediate and automatic deactivation of any ventilation system operating in an area affected by fire.

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Wildeboer also offers the BS2 communication system, Wildeboer-Net for fire dampers, which is the ideal solution for clients wishing to network their fire protection systems and minimise installation and testing requirements. The clear, modular structure makes for easy installation, thanks to the plug-in components for connection to 230 V Motor modules provide the connected fire dampers with 24 V DC operating voltage, thus excluding the risk of problems with voltage drop along the line. All the modules are addressed automatically during commissioning. This plug-and-play solution facilitates planning and the co-ordination of contractors. Wildeboer-Net is a plug-and-play enabled communication system for electronic control units and controllers. Galvanically isolated sub-networks are structured using subnet controllers within the Wildeboer-Net system. In the sub-networks, the field modules communicate with each other via galvanically isolated CAN bus interfaces and all connected field modules are read, detected and addressed automatically.

Noise protection

Noise protection is a key factor during operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. However, structural engineering requirements mean that it's not always possible to entirely prevent operational noise. If the channel is too short, or there is too little natural sound attenuation, additional noise protection may be required. Noise emission or the transmission of noise from one room to another can be prevented through the use of noise protection products. Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH also offers solutions for these requirements.

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