VRE1/VKE1 Software

for Wildeboer electronic VRE1 and VKE1 volume flow controller

Next to the possibility to parametrize the electronic VRE1 and VKE1 volume flow controllers via setting keys and plain text display directly on the actuator, there is an option to handle this user-friendly on the computer. This programm also contains additional diagonose and analysis tools.

The connection for this purpose takes place via the RS232-interface on the front of the actuator. Please connect the intervace with a null-modem cable or RS232-USB adapter with your computer.

The software can be downloaded for free in our Download-section (...) under softare or on this page. For execution of the installation please start the Setup.msi and follow the instructions on-screen.

Version: 17-12
Setup: Wildeboer VRE1 VKE1 Software17-12.zip
Quickstart: Quickstart_Guide_VSR Software.pdf


  • supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.01
  • PC with 2 GB working memory, 100 MB free hard drive space, COM-interface
  • resp. USB on COM Adapter

1 The Microsoft .Net Framework can be downloaded for free on the Microsoft-Website (...).