Supporting and functional - DATANORM

DATANORM is a standard procedure for the exchange of article/master data between manufacturers, distributors and retailers. It is based on record descriptions that have been designed and defined in detail by the DATANORM Data Exchange Working Group in collaboration with associations, manufacturers, retailers and software houses.

  • Complete data sets for all Wildeboer articles
  • Articles can be selected individually
  • Always up to date
  • Clearly structured records

We offer you a programme for the easy and individual creation of your Wildeboer Datanorm article data records in 4 steps:

  1. Save the files in any folder on your system and unzip them to a local hard drive using the file explorer.
  2. Start the programme by double clicking on 'DataNormGenerator.exe'.
  3. Once the programme has started, select 'Generate' to generate all Wildeboer standard data records or make an individual selection for each item. Select 'Split by product group' to create one file per product group. If required, you can also limit the size of the data standard files by selecting 'Maximum file size'. We recommend that you save your selection for future updates.
  4. Load the resulting Datanorn files into your application according to the manufacturer's instructions.

System requirements

The data is based on the 2022 price list.