Sales management: Josef Hespe succeeds Ewald Koopmann

There has been a change at the top of the sales organisation at Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH: Ewald Koopmann is retiring in February this year after around 30 years with the company, 25 of them as sales manager. His successor is Josef Hespe, who joined the company a few months ago.

The newly appointed sales manager possesses extensive management experience in both sales and marketing. He recently served for several years as a division head in these sectors at a well-known medium-sized company based in northwest Germany. Throughout his career, this business economist has also held prominent positions such as a key account manager in the field service and supply chain director. "Joseph Hespe's professional and personal aptitude render him an invaluable asset in maintaining our triumphant stride," remarks the Wildeboer leadership upon the imminent personnel transition.

Ewald Koopmann similarly affirms this statement, having devoted the preceding months to familiarising his replacement with their responsibilities, guaranteeing an uninterrupted succession of duties." According to him, the newly appointed sales manager possesses all the necessary qualifications to confidently communicate with our customers and sales team, and facilitate the growth of sales.

Koopmann himself is the best person to determine the extent of this positive and dynamic progress. Today, Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH employs over 300 individuals, with a turnover exceeding £50 million, and maintains a European presence, including with company-owned representative offices in Germany and the Netherlands.

For the Wildeboer family, this tale of triumph is intrinsically tied to the name Koopmann: "Due to his market intuition and exceptional dedication, he has greatly contributed to the enduring advancement of our firm and has successfully overseen sales as an exceptional leader for over 25 years." We would like to express our gratitude to Ewald Koopmann for his outstanding cooperation and extend our warmest wishes on his retirement, emphasized Managing Directors Werner Wildeboer and Dr. Jürgen Wildeboer in unison.