Fire protection and smoke extraction

Cooperation for simple installation of fire dampers in modular buildings

KLEUSBERG GmbH & Co. KG and Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH have entered into a co-operation in fire protection for modular buildings.

Proven fire dampers from Wildeboer tested in KLEUSBERG ceilings
No time delays on the construction site thanks to dry installation of the fire dampers with installation frame
Fire dampers can be operated from above or below

In the course of this, the companies had the tried-and-tested, maintenance-free FK90 and FR90 fire dampers, both from the 92 series, successfully tested in steel-frame ceilings from the module manufacturer. This means that the CE-marked shut-off devices are now approved for all standard installation situations in the modular buildings, eliminating the need for time-consuming verification in individual cases. At the same time, plant engineers benefit from the simple dry installation of the fire dampers using an installation frame, which also enables quick work processes and thus ideally supports the short construction times of the modular buildings. The actuator side of the shut-off devices can be positioned above or below the ceiling, which ensures good accessibility.

"As a provider of modular construction, we are characterised above all by the rapid completion of construction projects to fixed deadlines," explains Ronny Bellmann, Head of Technology/Innovation at KLEUSBERG. "It is therefore important that the installation of ventilation and fire protection components does not lead to delays. The solution realised together with Wildeboer with installation-friendly, factory pre-assembled installation frames ensures smooth completion of the buildings with the system builder on site."

"The use of fire dampers in steel-frame ceilings has always been associated with a certain degree of uncertainty for plant engineers," adds Wildeboer Managing Director Dr Jürgen Wildeboer. "Thanks to the additional installation situation covered by the declaration of performance and the associated CE labelling, plant engineers are now on the safe side in terms of building law with modular constructions from KLEUSBERG."

To make this possible, the fire dampers were installed together with the associated installation frames in the thinnest available steel frame ceiling and subjected to extensive fire testing by an independent institute. The combination of ceiling and shut-off device achieved a fire resistance duration of 90 minutes. The interior walls in modular buildings are usually designed as metal stud walls. Wildeboer fire dampers have long been tested for this type of wall.

By using the installation frame, the module manufacturer can precisely prefabricate the openings for the shut-off devices in the steel frame ceilings. This makes it correspondingly easy to install the frame together with the fire damper on the construction site. For example, there is no need to pour a complex concrete surround around the shut-off device for ceiling installation. This means that no structural problems can arise here. The reveals of the installation openings, which are also pre-assembled in the factory and made from fire protection boards, can also be used directly as a formwork aid for the cement screed floor structure.