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All of Wildeboer's knowledge with just a single click!

At Wildeboer you can now find what you are looking for even more quickly. With immediate effect all our technical documents are now available from our online portal "Documents Online".

All technical documents are now available on our online portal "Documents-Online". This smart service provides you with a number of benefits: All documents are structured clearly, they are up-to-date at all times, and are available with a simple click at any time, wherever you are. An excellent feature is the full-text search.

Regardless of whether you just have general questions regarding our product solutions, or whether you require specific information for planning, application or installation: you can use the full-text search to search through all the information and find what you are looking for in just a fraction of a second. That way, you can save time and spare your nerves.

Once you have found the pages which are relevant to you, you can use the practical paper clip function to put them all together in your own PDF document for downloading. Real added value during stressful day-to-day business!

The online tool also has an open structure. Thanks to high-performance systems even high-resolution data is available in real time – and even on all mobile terminals. That way, no more questions relating to Wildeboer solutions remain unanswered at the planning office or at the construction site.

Find what you're looking for more quickly!