Regional commitment

€7,000 donated to help people with serious illnesses and disabilities

Wildeboer donates to charitable organisations

Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH has brought pre-Christmas cheer to representatives of seven East Frisian charities and institutions by donating a total of €7,000. The recipients of the donations are the Parents' Association for Children with Cancer and their Families in East Frisia and the Surrounding Area, Herzkinder Ostfriesland, the Hospice Initiative in Leer, the Child Protection Association (district and local association in Leer), the Learning and Support Centre on the Deich and the Leukin and wünschdirwas associations.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the donations had to be handed over in person, but this did not dampen the joy of the representatives of the organisations receiving the donations. They all expressed their gratitude for the support and recognition of their largely voluntary work and, in a telephone conversation, impressively demonstrated the important contribution they make to society by offering help to people in need, especially now in the current situation. Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH would like to honour this commitment and thank all the volunteers who are currently working under often difficult conditions.

Below is some detailed information about the organisations and links to their websites:

Elternverein für krebskranke Kinder und ihre Familien in Ostfriesland und Umgebung e.V.

(EN: Parents' association for children with cancer and their families in East Frisia and the surrounding area). The mission of the association is to support children and adolescents with cancer and their families from the onset of the disease, during treatment and aftercare until reintegration into normal life. Various activities for and with the whole family provide relaxation, distraction, fun and enjoyment, be it a summer trip, a visit to the football stadium, sailing, fishing, family seminars, parents' evenings or much more.

Herzkinder OstFriesland e.V.

The association has set itself the task of providing parents of children with congenital heart defects with advice, action and a wide range of support. Since its foundation, the association has been raising awareness of the needs of heart children through a wide range of public campaigns. In addition, the association organises a variety of activities with the heart children, such as excursions, sporting activities and family seminars.

Hospiz-Initiative Leer e.V.

The Hospizhuus is located in the centre of Leer, right in the middle of life, and yet is an oasis of peace. The building is completely customised to the needs of its residents. People are admitted here who have an advanced illness with a limited life expectancy of a few weeks or months. In addition to alleviating physical complaints, the work also includes satisfying the need for stimulation, communication, closeness and companionship.

Kinderschutzbund Kreis- und Ortsverband Leer e.V.

The district and local association Leer e.V. of the German Child Protection Association is a non-profit organisation with around 500 members. As one of around 420 child protection organisations in Germany, its activities include the detection and prevention of child abuse and the accommodation of children in emergency situations. But the creation of child-friendly playgrounds, the operation of the old town kindergarten and the maintenance of the Leer child protection centre are also among the many tasks of the association.

Lern- und Förderzentrum am Deich e.V.

The Lern- und Förderzentrum am Deich e.V. is a non-profit organisation that supports children and young people with physical, motor and mental disabilities. The centre focuses on individual abilities. Within the framework of individual support, the children should develop a positive self-image and achieve the greatest possible independence. The donations are used to fund projects such as therapeutic horse riding or the purchase of special play and therapy equipment.

Leukin e.V.

Every 15 minutes, a person in Germany receives the devastating diagnosis of blood cancer. The Leukin e.V. association has made this fact its mission and collects donations for the organisation of typing, the registration of potential stem cell donors. Thanks to Leukin e.V., almost 75,000 potential stem cell donors have been registered with DKMS to date. This alone has helped around 800 people to start a new life.

sternsnuup e.V.

The "Steernsnupp" association has made it its mission to fulfil the wishes of seriously ill people one last time. With "Steernsnupp", families and relatives of many terminally ill people now have the opportunity to travel with their loved ones once again to a place they long for. Be it a trip to the seaside or to a place from the patient's childhood. The team steps in when relatives no longer know what to do, when someone can only be transported lying down or needs medical care, but also when relatives no longer have the confidence to take such a trip alone.

wünschdirwas e.V.

wünschdirwas e.V. is a non-profit organisation registered in Cologne. For 30 years, many volunteers and employees have been fulfilling the wishes of seriously ill children and young people. An unforgettably beautiful experience should help to give new courage to face life, confidence and new life energy and simply let the illness be forgotten for once. wünschdirwas e.V. works nationwide with doctors and therapists from over 100 hospitals, children's clinics and hospices in almost all German states.