Fire protection and smoke extraction

Fire damper with integrated non-return valve for air transfer applications

The company is the first manufacturer on the market to offer a fire-resistant combination of a fire damper with an optional non-return valve.

Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH presented the new, CE-certified FR92K series of FR90 fire dampers at the SHK Essen Trade Fair 2018. The company is the first manufacturer on the market to offer a fire-resistant combination of a fire damper with an optional non-return valve – for use in smoke protection pressure systems, for example. The coordinated components simplify planning and prevent later problems on the construction site. The use of the fire damper in air transfer applications is approved by the building authorities in Germany. This makes it considerably easier to obtain individual fire protection permits for this area of application.

Available in sizes DN 100, 125, 160, 200, 250 and 315 and only 150 mm long, the fire damper can be easily, conveniently and practically installed in rigid walls, ceilings and metal stud walls – even in confined spaces – and achieves a fire resistance time of up to 120 minutes. The enclosed, maintenance-free drive mechanism is located outside the casing wall. This results in a long service life and low operating costs as maintenance work is no longer necessary. The shut-off device can also be equipped with round protective grilles in an attractive design on both sides.

When used in air transfer applications, the fire damper can be opened quickly and conveniently by loosening the central fastening for the protective grille at the front. This is located on a connecting piece specially designed for dimensions up to DN 200. The powder-coated protective grilles, which can be screwed onto the connecting piece, are available in a visually attractive versions flush with either the wall or duct. If the connecting piece protrudes into the room, the misalignment can be uniformly concealed by means of a pipe overlay. This means that architectural standards can also be met.

The Weener-based manufacturer also offers the connecting pieces with integrated non-return valve in their DN 160 and DN 200 sizes. For the first time, this combination for air transfer applications is available on the market from a single source. In the event of fire, the non-return valve prevents smoke from escaping into the emergency exit routes. To do this, the stop valve remains closed until an overpressure of 15 Pa is reached in the emergency exit area and then opens automatically in the intended direction of flow.

The large free cross-section of the fire damper ensures low pressure losses and a low sound power level. At the same time, the solution, which is equipped with a one-piece damper blade, is insensitive to soiling and is highly flexible when used in the circular ventilation duct system due to its compact dimensions and low weight. A limit switch for remote monitoring of the closed damper blade position is also available as an accessory.