Fire protection & smoke extraction

Fire protection textbook updated and expanded

  • New edition with the title "Fire protection and smoke control dampers"   
  • Compact and practical knowledge from design to use
  • Expanded to include smoke extraction, timber installation, building control systems and environmental product declarations

SZ Scala GmbH and Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH have now published an updated and expanded edition of the reference book on fire protection published in the "Die Bibliothek der Technik" series. Under the new title "Fire protection and smoke control dampers", the work offers a compact, easy-to-understand overview of the design, operation and testing as well as the installation on and servicing of shut-off devices. The revised volume, which has also been brought up to date with regard to the legal approval requirements, is a response to the great popularity of the first edition among planners and system builders.

The textbook, which has been expanded to include smoke extraction, also addresses further topics such as hygiene requirements and environmental product declarations (EPDs). The field of building control systems has also been added. Here, the remote testing of fire dampers and, for example, the parameterisation of sequential circuits using a plug-and-play-capable, stand-alone communication system are presented. The book also provides information on current hot topics such as the use of fire dampers in wooden walls and ceilings. The authors of this standard work, which is available in specialised bookshops and at, are Matina Mörtel and Jürgen and Werner Wildeboer. 

Fire protection and smoke control dampers - design, installation on, use. Munich 2017, SZ Scala GmbH, ISBN 978-3862361069