Fire protection & smoke extraction

HOT classification for smoke control damper with pioneering sealing system

  • HOT 400/30 confirms complete opening and closing in the first 30 minutes after the outbreak of fire
  • Successive smoke extraction of fire compartments possible
  • Variant for installation on the ceiling and additional housing for control components

The CE-certified EK90 smoke control damper, series EK92, from Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH now also has the "HOT 400/30" classification in accordance with DIN EN 13501-4. This proves that the solution classified as EI 90 (vedw - hodw - io) S1500 Cmod HOT400/30 MA multi can continue to be fully opened and closed within the first 30 minutes after a fire breaks out. This enables, for example, the successive smoke extraction of certain areas of the building in the event of a fire. 

The fully encapsulated drive and, in particular, the special, multi-stage sealing system of the maintenance-free smoke control damper are responsible for this. This requires no stops for the damper blade, which ensures low pressure losses and a very low sound power level. The solution, which is the only one on the market with an environmental product declaration (EPD), fulfils the requirements of the construction products list and is suitable for all standard installation situations. A special version is also available, which can be installed with a particularly small gap below solid ceilings. The product can also be optionally equipped with a fire-resistant additional housing for control components.

You can find more information on the EK90 smoke control damper on the product page or the associated flyer.