Attack on Wildeboer IT Systems

Wildeboer became the target of a professional cyberattack.

Wildeboer became the target of a professional cyberattack by a group close to organized crime on 14th July 2023. The cyber criminals succeeded in breaking through the extensive protection systems of our IT. The attack resulted in significant disruptions to IT and communications systems. Associated with this and caused by the immediate disconnection of the systems are restrictions in our ability to communicate with customers, suppliers, authorities and other business partners.

Immediately after the attack was discovered, the defined IT emergency protocols were activated and processed. The data protection authorities have already been informed, although it is unclear at this stage whether cybercriminals were able to steal any data, and if so, which. To clarify this and other questions, Wildeboer has commissioned external IT forensics specialists to analyze the cyber attack. Further measures are being taken in close cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Our IT experts are currently working tirelessly to ensure that systems are fully restored. In order to rule out a repetition or continuation of the attack, we are intensively and completely checking all IT systems and cleaning them up before the systems can be gradually put back into operation. Wildeboer will continuously inform its customers and business partners about the progress of the restoration of the IT systems as well as the availability of its services.


Update, 11.08.2023: Wildeboer starts production again

Dear Business Partners,

as we recover from the cyberattack of July 14, 2023, we are pleased to announce positive developments.

After weeks of hard work, we now see the finish line we all have been waiting for: Wildeboer will resume production on Monday, August 14. In connection with the restart of production, we will provide you very promptly with the necessary documents from our order processing department. 

The restart was made possible by many very intensive and dedicated colleagues from all divisions. Our IT colleagues in particular have performed an admirable feat of strength and created a completely new infrastructure in a very short time. 

We would particularly like to thank you, our customers and business partners, for your great understanding, your enormous kindness and for the many words of encouragement you have given our colleagues. 

These proofs of confidence are the greatest incentive for us to show you our best possible performance. Meanwhile, the Wildeboer team is entering the final spurt for the new start today. We are very much looking forward to be back for you soon.

Your Wildeboer Team


Update, 01.08.2023:

Dear Business Partners,

As we recover from the cyberattack of 14th July 2023, we are pleased to share positive developments with you.

We are currently working at full speed to restore our network. Step by step, we are putting servers and PCs back into operation and restoring essential functions. Currently, our technical support is fully at your disposal. Our offering department has also been active again since 1st August and is preparing quotations for you.

We have renewed the e-mail accounts of our employees, please see the contact details. Our general e-mail address info@wildeboer.deis now also available again. In addition, you can reach us for quotation processing questions at, for technical advice at and for purchasing topics at

In addition, we have taken advantage of the challenge and updated our telephone system. Of course, the telephone numbers you are familiar with for your contact persons are still valid. Please understand if there are still minor disruptions here and there. We assure you that we will always do our best to provide you with the usual service.

Your Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH

Update, 26.07.2023: 

We have significantly expanded our availability and are now available by phone and email. You can find the new e-mail addresses of our staff on our contact page.

General info e-mail address:

Phone: 04951 950 150

Tel.: 04951 950 100

Technical support
Tel.: 04951 950 180



Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH


Update, 19.07.2023

Wildeboer is available again!

We are making progress step by step. We are now available by e-mail and telephone. Please feel free to contact us via the channels mentioned below. We are glad to be there for you again!

By e-mail Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH:

By phone:
Orders 04951 950 150
Offers 04951 950 100
Technical Support 04951 950 180