Air distribution

New round DRpro pressure controller with numerous application options

The new round DRpro pressure controller is available immediately.

This completely newly developed component completes the range of control components with a pressure controller. Various different versions are available, meaning that individual requirements can be met.

Alongside the standard version of the casing, there are two variants to choose from for simple insulation of the controller. The actuator with 50 mm spacing facilitates simple on-site insulation without restricting the accessibility of the actuator and the sensors. The DRpro pressure controller is also available from the factory on request as an additional variant with sheet metal jacket acoustic insulation.

The short duct length, starting at 329 mm, facilitates simple installation of the DRpro pressure controller, even in confined spaces. This is aided by a variable arrangement of the individual consoles of the controller and sensor components. They can be screwed to either side of the actuator console and can be adapted accordingly to suit the surroundings. It is also possible to install the console on the ventilation duct or an adjacent wall.

Both static and dynamic differential pressure sensors with different pressure measurement and control ranges of up to 600 Pa are available. The potential volume flow range, depending on the size of the pressure controller, is from 28 m³/h to 5430 m³/h. The DRpro pressure controller is capable of controlling both room pressure and duct pressure. For the latter a set for tapping pressure, comprising a bleeder connection and the corresponding installation material, is available. Optionally, there is a possibility of adding a volume flow measuring device to the pressure controller. It can be used to determine the actual volume flow and thus means that complex network measurements when regulating the ventilation system are no longer needed.

The standard actuator, a high-speed actuator and spring return actuator also cover a wide range of requirements. The additional options make it possible to implement even special cases, e.g. the prevention of the spread of cold smoke. The pressure controller is activated by analogue means or via MP bus and thus makes it possible to integrate the DRpro pressure controller directly into a higher-level building control system. The operating modes "constant" and "variable 0 – 10 V, 2 – 10 V", overrides, parallel operation and sequential circuits can be set.