An informative visit from LaminAir AG from Switzerland

Swiss plant constructors and planners visit the Weener plant.

Our foreign partner LaminAir AG, responsible for the sales and service of all Wildeboer products in Switzerland, organized a factory visit for Swiss plant engineers and planners in Weener.

The motto of the visit was "Digital tools by practical example". First, the advantages of the FK90K with ER5 installation frame for sliding ceiling connection were presented on a real sample part: The FK90K enables the lowest possible pressure losses and minimum sound power levels with reduced intermediate ceiling heights. This was followed by the transfer of the digital twins of the products into a CAD model using the Wildeboer BIM converter and a concrete example.

The group was then impressed by the simple design of the DX swirl diffuser in combination with the K2 terminal box in the dimensioning software. The outstanding performance data, such as the high volume flow range or the maximum cooling reliability, were made clear by means of concrete operating points. In the subsequent discussion, the participants emphasized the practical benefits of the dynamic calculation data in the CAD model for the everyday work of planners and CAD designers.

The program was rounded off by a tour of the production facility, where the high degree of automation was recognizable as a prerequisite for short delivery times. A tour of the testing laboratories, such as the reverberation chamber and the fire testing furnace, demonstrated to the participants the importance of testing at Wildeboer and the resulting product quality. The result of a fire test, which the participants experienced live, made a special impression.

We say thank you for your visit and wish you continued success in using our products!