Air distribution

VRE1 and VKE1 actuators with 24V AC/DC

  • Conversion from 24 V DC to 24 V AC/DC
  • New cost-effective drive variant

Electronic VRE1 and VKE1 volume flow controllers are suitable for constant and variable volume flows. They are maintenance-free, position-independent and suitable for both supply air and extract air in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The motorised actuator M2 dispenses with displays and setting buttons on the device. This makes it a cost-effective alternative to the M1 actuator, which is still available. With the new M2 variant, all settings and displays are made via the RS232 interface using the corresponding software on the PC.

Both actuators, the M1 and the M2, have been converted from 24 V DC to 24 V AC/DC. This means that operation with alternating voltage is also possible.