SB Splitters &
SKB Sound Attenuators

  • suitable for ventilation systems
  • Hygiene certificate
  • Option: casing leak tightness class C

Product Info

SB Splitters

SB Splitters SB splitters with glass fibre are combined absorption and resonance sound attenuators of dual chamber design for ventilation systems. The circumferential frame made of galvanized steel with continuous stabilization and chamber segmentation profile provides high tensile strength. The surfaces of the inserted absorption materials are of rot-proof, bio-soluble mineral wool. These are covered with tear-resistant, wear-proof, moisture-repellent glass fibre (glass filament fabric) and galvanized steel. The design guarantees wide-band sound attenuation with an optimum in the critical frequency range around 250 Hz at the lowest possible overall length.

SKB Sound Attenuators

SKB sound attenuators with glass fibre are ventilation duct casings stiffened with corrugations and external longitudinal profiles made of galvanized steel, with inserted SB splitters. SKB sound attenuators are suitable for ventilation systems. The standard version with V10 standard connection frame and elongated holes in the frame corners are suitable for commercially available connection profiles.

The SKB sound attenuator is optionally also available with casing leak tightness class C. The increased tightness is reached with the new frame profile "P30".

This product has been awarded the hygiene certificate (...).


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