Our reference: Atlantic Hotel in Kiel

The four-star-plus hotel offers its guests 187 rooms and 12 suites, a sauna and fitness area, and eight function rooms with space for up to 400 people. A bar on the eighth floor with an inviting roof terrace and the Pier 16 restaurant cater to the culinary well-being of guests.


Giorgio Gulotta Architekten, Hamburg

General Contractor:    

Zechbau GmbH, Bremen


KWP, Wismar


DSL Lufttechnik GmbH, Langwedel

Atlantic Hotel, Giorgio Gulatta Architekten, Bjoertvedt

For the fire safety of such a building, the requirements are correspondingly high. This applies in particular to the fire protection of exhaust air from commercial kitchens. This is because it is not only a question of the risk of fire spreading to other fire compartments. The increased possibility of fires breaking out due to aerosols and their deposits must also be taken into account.

For this reason, the new FK90 fire dampers for the exhaust air of commercial kitchens from Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH are used in the new hotel building in Kiel. They meet the increased requirements and correspond to the state of the European technology EN 1366-2 and are generally approved by the building authorities with the approval number Z-41.3-670.

The basis of the fire protection shut-off is the long-proven, maintenance-free FK90 fire protection damper of the FK92 series. This series has been adapted to the special requirements of commercial kitchens by upgrades. Therefore, the design has two thermal-electrical release elements, which are installed in the connected exhaust ducts upstream and downstream of the fire damper. These release elements are connected to the very fast and high-torque closing drive device via a special control and operating module. Despite the extreme operating conditions, the epoxy resin powder coating and the processing of high-quality materials ensure many years of trouble-free use.
Due to the special design, the materials used and the complete encapsulation of moving parts, there is no need for cost-intensive maintenance work, as is the case with all other Wildeboer fire dampers. Regular functional testing, generally the release and reopening of the fire damper, is sufficient.

The practical Wildeboer fire dampers with high safety potential for the exhaust air of commercial kitchens convinced the Atlantic Hotel Group from Bremen. Therefore, they have these shut-off devices installed not only in the Atlantic Hotel in Kiel, but also in the new Grand Hotel in Bremen, which is operated by the same group.