Office buildings

ThyssenKrupp headquarters, Essen

A new city district is being built in Essen. The previously unused area covers 230 hectares, three times the size of downtown Essen. The derelict site of the Krupp company, the so-called Krupp Belt, is to be revitalized. The centerpiece of this area will be the ThyssenKrupp Quarter with the new company headquarters. The company is thus returning to its original roots. The site where Friedrich Krupp founded his cast steel factory in 1811 will be the site of the merger of all administrative locations 200 years later. The 20-hectare Quarter will be the new workplace for 2,000 employees. It is made up of several complexes, including the ThyssenKrupp headquarters and other office and administrative buildings of the Group. In addition, a multifunctional building with ThyssenKrupp Academy and conference center is planned, as well as a hotel and other complementary uses with a total of around 100,000 square meters of usable space.

ThyssenKrupp AG, Düsseldorf

Chaix & Morel et Associés, Paris JSWD Architekten + Planer, Cologne​​​

HVAC Consultant:    
GK - IGR Ingenieur - Gesellschaft Kruck mbH, Mühlheim

Heinrich Krumme GmbH, Brunsbüttel


In September 2008, the foundation stone was laid for this construction project, which is currently one of the largest in Germany. After only two years, in summer 2010, all works should be completed and the quarter ready for occupancy. For such a project you need a reliable partner like Wildeboer with the 72 - hour - express - service, with which even short-term wishes are fulfilled. A large number of maintenance-free motorized FK90 fire dampers, various OR31 smoke detectors and a wide range of fire damper accessories for simple installation in modern lightweight walls, among other things, will be delivered to the headquarters precisely on time.