Wildeboer BIM-Converter

Building information modelling, or BIM, is the future of construction. It brings together all technical information. The BIM converter can be used to select Wildeboer components directly and apply them accurately to the liNear software. All components have dynamic calculation data. Pressure drops and the sound power level of individual components thus react actively to changes in the duct network. This way, it is possible to revert back to the changing performance data of the individual operating points within the liNear software at any time.

To check the items of performance data in the operating point quickly, they can also be calculated directly with the Wildeboer BIM converter. All the relevant technical data, documents and product descriptions can also be referred to. An interface can be used to transfer all information directly to AutoCAD and Revit. Alternatively, detailed 2D and 3D files in DWG and DXF format can also be exported for further use using any given CAD software.

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Version: 1.01

File: Wildeboer_BIM_Converter_10100.exe (126 MB)

Please note that you require administrator authorisation to run the program for the first time. If necessary, contact your IT department.

Fire damper with operating point data

Swirl diffuser with technical data
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