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WiDim dimensioning software

Dimensioning of building elements: Quick and intuitive with WiDim

Functional, modern and intuitive to use: our new WiDim software allows you to dimension building elements for all your construction projects in an extremely convenient way. Only a few entries are required and you will receive all the information relevant to your construction project in no time at all.

As a specialist in building services engineering, our aim is to help you develop your project and provide you with high-quality products in the areas of fire protection, noise protection, air distribution and building control systems.

Our dimensioning software makes it easier than ever to optimise all the key data for a product. For example, you can dimension a ventilation system in no time at all. Working with the software is intuitive and guides you through the process step by step.

You can download the current version of the programme free of charge using the form below. After registering in the form below, you will receive a link to the download.

The dimensioning of building elements: Advantages of the software

If you decide to work with WiDim, you can conveniently collect all important data in one project in your software. This includes, among other things

  • operating point data
  • product details and physical features
  • 3D visualisations of the products
  • the right accessories
  • current revision documents
  • the installation type and installation variant
  • the connection options of the selected building element
  • and much more

After dimensioning your building elements, you can easily output your finished project in various formats. Thanks to the clear arrangement of the information, you always have everything in view.

Additional features of the WiDim

The software also comes with even more features that make planning Wildeboer building elements much easier in your planning process:

  • a GAEB interface - i.e. a convenient way to exchange variant-related tender texts;

  • interfaces based on VDI3805 - i.e. the option of exchanging data from products to your CAD and calculation software.

These interfaces help to integrate the product into an end-to-end planning process. As a result, it is in turn possible to transfer the product to all common CAD and calculation software and thus obtain the CAD data in a simplified or detailed view and integrate the calculation data and other product information into the CAD and calculation software, allowing product-specific data sheets and tender texts as well as BIM data to be collected for upcoming projects and output or transferred at any time.

Version2024.205.302 (WebSetup)

More information

In addition to our dimensioning software, we also provide an MSI installation file. This is intended to assist system administrators in making the program available to other users so that they can use it without special permissions. During installation, select a folder path where the user has write permission. This means that installation and subsequent updates can usually be performed without administrator rights.

The .Net Framework version ≥ 7.0 is required for installation. 

Version: 2024.205.302 (MSI) 

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With WiDim we attach great importance to continuous optimisation. For this reason, all identified bugs have been fixed and necessary changes have been made in the new software versions. The release notes for each version can be found here.

The following adjustments have been made in WiDim version 2024.205.302:


Changes to the WiDim software version 2024.204.2301

  • General information

    • The use of the product listing has been improved.


Bug fixes in the WiDim software version 2024.204.2301

  • General Infortmation

    • Under certain circumstances, the software crashed when creating a data sheet. This has been fixed

    • The function for creating a request for technical advice has been restored.

    • Links to the new homepage have been adjusted.

  • Sound insulation

    • Under certain circumstances, valid variants were not found for sound attenuation splitters. This has been fixed.

  • Air distribution

    • The design of VRPro volume flow controllers is now possible again.

    • In the case of air diffusers, the air diffusers in a room were sometimes displayed incorrectly. This has been fixed.


WiDim can be called up directly from C.A.T.S.. Certain design criteria, such as room sizes, widths and heights of the products, can already be transferred to WiDim in C.A.T.S.. The component dimensioned in WiDim can then be drawn in C.A.T.S. via the interface. In addition to the rough component dimensions, the pressure losses and sound power levels at the design operating point and other product information are also available in C.A.T.S..

WiDim can be called up directly from RUKON. The component dimensioned here can then be transferred to RUKON using our unique VDI3805 databases. In addition to the geometries in simplified and detailed visualisation, the formulas for calculating the operating points, application limits and order data are also available in RUKON. This allows the products to react automatically to changes in the sewer network.

The designed products can be transferred directly to the LINEAR CAD browser and from there to LINEAR CAD (Revit and AutoCAD) via a direct interface. Geometries are available in simplified and detailed representations. In addition, all components have dynamic calculation data (formulae for calculating pressure losses and sound power levels). Pressure losses and sound power levels of the individual components react actively to changes in the duct network in your LINEAR CAD. This means that you can access the changing performance data of the individual operating points at any time.

WiDim can be called up directly from Trimble Nova. The building element dimensioned here can then be drawn directly into Trimble Nova via the interface. In addition to the geometries in simplified and detailed visualisation, the pressure losses at the design operating point and other product information are available in Trimble Nova.