Face-to-face seminar (German)

One-day seminar on commercial kitchen ventilation

Seminar goal

This webinar will be held exclusively in German.

New catering concepts, higher energy requirements, new normative standards and design aspects: The demand for individual solutions for disinfection, grease removal and odour minimisation is constantly increasing.

Together with the companies AirQuell GmbH, Ansul, DL Lufttechnik, Halton Foodservice GmbH, Oxytec air&water purification systems, Walpol GmbH and Wolf GmbH, we are offering you a one-day seminar on the subject of kitchen ventilation.

The seminar is aimed at planners, architects and those responsible for building, ventilation and kitchen technology as well as operators of hotels and catering establishments.


  • VDI 2052 / DIN EN 16282 - Is it safe to eat?
  • Workplace directive / DIN aerosol separators
  • Kitchen ventilation technology - focus on indoor air quality and sustainability
  • Standards and guidelines for kitchen extinguishing systems
  • Planning, installation and operation in commercial kitchens
  • Fire protection in kitchen ventilation: basics and requirements of fire dampers for commercial kitchens
  • Are textile hoses useful and permitted in catering and kitchens?
  • Air ducts for kitchen exhaust air. "Leak tightness classes - what are they?"
  • AHU guidelines "Not everything is eaten as hot as it is cooked"
  • Odours! What can plasma systems do? UVC ozone, the grease-free duct
  • Small talk in the studio / end of the event
8:30 AM - 5:15 PM CET
Rainer Willms (Training)
Event location
Friedrichstraße 107
10117 Berlin
Participation fee
139,- €
(excl. VAT) incl. seminar documentation and catering

If you have any further questions, please contact Rainer Willms by e-mail at rainer.willms@wildeboer.de or by telephone on +49 4951 950-168.

Contact person

Rainer Willms