Regional commitment

Ems-Achse: A trip through the region - Stopover in Weener

The students gained exciting insights during their trip through the region organised by the Ems-Achse. During a stopover in Weener, they had the opportunity to visit our company - a proud partner of the Ems-Achse.

The "Reise durch die Region" (a trip through the region) project, which has received backing from the European Social Fund (ESF), gave students the opportunity to rediscover the region along the Ems river.

Over a period of five days students from different institutions of higher education and different fields of study took up Ems-Achse and their partners on their offer to get to know interesting employers from the region for internships, final dissertations and an entry into the jobs market, and also to gain an overview of the different leisure opportunities in the region and to try them out.

The students received some interesting insights during a stop in the town of Weener at the premises of the Wildeboer company. Andreas Dirksen, who is responsible for the field of personnel management and development, presented the company and fielded the questions of the students.

About Wachstumsregion Ems-Achse e.V.:

Wachstumsregion Ems-Achse was founded in 2006 and is an alliance of businesses, local authorities, educational institutions, chambers and federations from all over the East Frisian region, Emsland and the County of Bentheim. The aim is to shape a common Ems-Achse economic region whilst boosting economic growth and creating additional jobs.

The photographic material was kindly provided by Wachstumsregion Ems-Achse e.V..

For more information visit the page of the Ems-Achse.