EPDs can now be used throughout Europe

  • All EPDs in the areas of fire protection and air distribution labelled with the ECO Platform label
  • Use of the standardised data in various building certification systems possible
  • Official handover of the new EPDs in Brussels

Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH has fully converted its Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for fire protection and smoke control dampers as well as volume flow controllers and limiters to the European ECO Platform standard. The ECO Platform EPD label on the environmental product declarations confirms compliance with the institution's high requirements in terms of quality management and the verification process. This means that the documents available in German and English are recognised throughout Europe by all participating EPD programme holders. This means that the standardised data collections on the environmental impact of the products can now also be used for the building certification systems of other countries, such as BREEAM or LEED. In addition, the information from the ECO Platform EPDs of Wildeboer products is already available in the German building materials database ├ľKOBAUDAT and will also be included in the national database of the French INIES in the future.

The company received the new environmental product declarations at an ECO Platform information event in Brussels. Here, the umbrella organisation of national EPD programme holders in Europe, initiated by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt (IBU), reported on the successes to date on the way to a common European core EPD. By converting its environmental product declarations, the manufacturer from Weener is supporting the efforts of the ECO Platform and its members to harmonise EPDs across Europe.