Fire protection & smoke extraction

Fire dampers for suspended ceilings: Approval extended and new hygiene certificates

FKU30 (FKU31 series) and the FKU90 (FKU91 series) - further suspended ceilings successfully tested

Many ceiling systems from different manufacturers are already included in the approvals for fire dampers for suspended ceilings from Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH. The company has recently carried out and passed further tests. Newly included are ceiling systems from Fural, Siniat, Knauf and OWA. Details can be found in the extended approval Z-41.3-714 (German) dated 8 July 2022.

In addition, the FKU30 (FKU31 series) and the FKU90 (FKU91 series) are now hygienically certified, as are many other Wildeboer components. Both products have been tested by an external hygiene testing laboratory - with successful results.

With this certification, Wildeboer continues its policy of providing as many components in its portfolio as possible with this award, taking into account the high hygiene standards that rightly apply in ventilation technology. The special feature of Wildeboer products: All certifications are carried out externally by an independent laboratory.