Independently certified

Hygiene in ventilation and air conditioning

Hygienic certificates of Wildeboer products confirm conformity with various hygienic standards and guidelines of indoor air technology, such as VDI 6022-1. Issuance of certificates and performance of tests is the responsibility of the independent Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr region, located in Gelsenkirchen.

  • Right from the development stage, our attention is focused on the hygienic selection of materials and construction of the products.
  • All tests on hygienic requirements and the cleanability of the products as well as the issuing of the hygiene certificate are carried out by an independent hygiene institute.
  • Microbiological testing according to DIN EN ISO 846: The materials of our products do not promote the growth of microorganisms (e.g. fungi and bacteria).
  • The materials used in the air-conducting area are resistant to cleaning and disinfectants (selection of disinfectants from the list of the Robert Koch Institute or the Association for Applied Hygiene e.V.).
  • Inspection of the design and surfaces from a hygienic point of view: Our products do not promote dust deposits and adherence (breeding ground for microorganisms). For example, the maintenance-free, fully encapsulated drive mechanism of the fire dampers is located outside the air flow. This prevents dust deposits and eliminates the need for regular cleaning and lubrication to maintain the function of the fire dampers.
  • Hygiene label on our products: Sign of compliance with hygiene requirements.
  • Receipt of the certificate for production monitoring: regular hygiene monitoring of our products in the factory by the independent Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr area.

In addition to installation in office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc., our products are also suitable for hygienically demanding types of buildings such as hospitals and clean rooms, because:

The certificates can be downloaded in the Downloads section. Disinfectant instructions are listed in the operating instructions.