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New version of the Wildeboer BIM Converter available

Extended component range and direct placement in Revit 2020. With the update to version 1.02, electronic flow controllers, mechanical versions, pressure controllers, smoke dampers and more are now available.

With the update to version 1.02, the scope of the components included in the Wildeboer BIM Converter has been further expanded.

The VRE1, VKE1, VRup and VRpro electronic volume controllers and the VR1 and VK2 mechanical versions have been added, as has the VRL1 volume limiter. The DRpro pressure regulator and the JR smoke damper have also been added. In addition to the fire and noise control components, most of the air distribution products are now available.

Another new feature is the direct placement of components from the Wildeboer BIM converter in Revit 2020, eliminating the tedious detour of an export and subsequent import. This further speeds up work with these two programs.

It is now also possible to export the displayed model in IFC format. IFC stands for Industry Foundation Classes and is an open standard for data exchange in the construction industry.

You can download the new version of BIM-Coverter here:

About VDI 3805

The VDI 3805 series of guidelines defines a standard for digital data acquisition and the exchange of technical and geometric properties of products for the planning, design and operation of technical building systems. With the BIM converter, Wildeboer Bauteile has developed a solution for the areas of fire and smoke protection, sound insulation and air distribution. The BIM converter provides access to the manufacturer's extensive VDI 3805 product databases. In addition to geometric data, all components have dynamic performance data that automatically takes into account design changes. This enables fast and detailed design, calculation, simulation and optimisation without the need for research and media disruption.