Air distribution

Simple setting and adjustment of the VRL1 volume flow limiter

  • New options for easy installation and adjustment
  • Uncomplicated removal for cleaning purposes
  • VRL1 volume flow limiter significantly reduced in price

Up to now, the effort required to retrofit, adjust, clean and disinfect volume flow limiters has been considerable. The new optional sliding or pipe sleeves for VRL1 volume flow limiters from Wildeboer provide a remedy.

The built-in limiter can be manually adjusted via an inspection cover in the sliding sleeve. By sliding the sleeve into the ventilation duct, it is opened and the limiter can be easily removed. The sliding sleeve can also be fitted with a drive. Depending on the version, two volume flow rate setpoints or any intermediate values can be set. 

A special pipe sleeve has been developed especially for closed ceilings that do not offer access options such as inspection openings. In combination with sufficiently large plenum boxes that are accessible from the inside, the VRL1 volume flow limiter can be removed via the plenum box for cleaning purposes after dismantling the air diffuser.

With the optional drilling template including inspection cover, a precisely fitting inspection opening can be realised for existing ventilation ducts. This can be used to adjust the limiter retrospectively and thus in the installed state.

VRL1 volume flow limiters are maintenance-free and keep the volume flow constant even at low flow velocities and differential pressures. They replace throttle elements and thus simplify balancing in ventilation and air conditioning systems. The restrictor is made of a special antistatic and microbial-resistant plastic.

You can also benefit from the reduced prices. These can be found in the updated price list in the download area.