VRL1 volume flow limiter
Volume flow controllers & volume flow limiter

VRL1 volume flow limiter

Technical details

  • maintenance-free
  • inserted in any installation position
  • enclosed casing
  • consist of special antistatic and microbial resistant plastics
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Hygiene certificate


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Hygiene certificate

Product details

Maintenance-free VRL1 volume flow limiters are mechanical controllers without auxiliary power supply for stabilisation of volume flows in air-conditioning systems. Independently from pressure they control the volume flows onto previously adjusted target values and stabilize them.

VRL1 volume flow limiters can be inserted into ventilation ducts, for example spiral pipes, in any installation position. The setting- and control mechanism of VRL1 volume flow limiter is enclosed and thus protected against contamination from the airflow. Furthermore, by means of the lip seals on both sides, the VRL1 volume flow limiter is positioned and fixed inside the ventilation duct, so that a complete enclosure is reached.

The casing and damper blade consist of special antistatic and microbial resistant plastics. The smooth surfaces of the air-ducting parts nearly exclude contaminations. Hence, VRL1 volume flow limiters fulfil highest hygienic requirements.

  • Sizes: DN 80 until DN 250
  • Total volume flow range: Vmin = 13 m³/h until Vmax = 1060 m³/h
  • Differential pressure range: 30 Pa until 300 Pa
  • Inside temperature range: +10°C until +50°C


  • drilling template with inspection cover(s)
  • VRL1 mounted in a sliding sleeve (without/with actuator)
  • VRL1 with duct sleeve
  • SRC duct silencer, lengths 600 mm and 900 mm

This product has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and  has been awarded the hygiene certificate.

VRL1 volume flow limiter – New installation options for subsequent adjustment and removal

Technical specifications

  • Sliding sleeve (with plug-in connection)
  • Pipe sleeve (for plenum box)
Nominal size
  • DN80
  • DN100
  • DN125
  • DN160
  • DN200
  • DN250

Product pictures

Media & Downloads

Environmental product declaration (EPD) VRL1 volume flow limiter (2021-11)
User manual VRL1 volume flow limiter (2019-11)
Operating manual VRL1 volume flow limiter (2021-05 / DE)
Hygiene certificate VRL1 volume flow limiter (2020-07 / DE)
Hygiene advice disinfection (2014-08 / DE)