Volume flow controllers & volume flow limiters - for optimum ventilation through ventilation and air conditioning systems

In a central ventilation system, the function of the volume flow control is of crucial importance. Without control, there would be excessive noise and draughts, which must be avoided to protect the room users. Volume flow controllers are the key components that make it possible to regulate the air volume flow in accordance with the requirements of the respective room conditions. This regulation ensures continuous adjustment of the air flow to guarantee optimum air quality and comfortable room temperatures, while at the same time optimizing the energy efficiency of the system.

Wildeboer offers three different versions of volume flow controllers. We explain below which version is best suited to which application.

Mechanical volume flow control: simple and efficient

Mechanical volume flow control is a proven method of controlling air volume flows in ventilation and air conditioning systems. It works without an external energy source and is based on physical principles that regulate the air volume flow by means of a damper blade and a control mechanism. Mechanical volume flow controllers, such as the Wildeboer VR1-N for low pressure ranges and the proven VR1 , offer a cost-effective and maintenance-free solution for regulating the air supply, for example in individual offices or corridors.

The VK2 volume flow controller in an angular design and the VRL1 volume flow limiter as a plug-in controller round off the portfolio. These components are particularly suitable for facilities and buildings that require simple but precise control of the air volume flow. Thanks to their automatic mode of operation, they keep the set volume flow constant in the event of fluctuating pressure conditions.

Electronic volume flow control: precise and flexible control

Wildeboer's electronic volume flow controllers offer advanced and precise control of air volume flows for modern ventilation systems. They are not only able to regulate constant volume flows, but also adjust them according to demand.

The VRE1 and VKE1 models provide an efficiency signal to optimize the fan speed, while at the same time allowing convenient parameterization via a display on the drive. The VRup and VKup controllers are characterized by a wide range of communication options, whether analogue or via various bus protocols.

They support energy-efficient operation and contribute to the creation of a pleasant room climate thanks to the small deviations in the control of the air volume flows. The electronic controllers are designed to ensure reliable shut-off of the air duct in various scenarios, which is necessary for the function and safety of HVAC systems in some situations. Electronic volume flow controllers from Wildeboer are maintenance-free and can be installed in any position. They are also suitable for supply and extract air control.

Electronic volume flow controllers with special functions - extremely flexible

For special ventilation applications in which a power supply failure must not lead to an uncontrolled state of the ventilation system, the VRpro and VKpro electronic volume flow controllers from Wildeboer offer a spring return function, for example. If required, the controllers can also be equipped with a high-speed drive for rapid adjustment of volume flows and are therefore characterized by an increased degree of flexibility.

The connection to the Wildeboer-Net enables central monitoring and control, which ensures increased operational reliability in the context of building automation. The combination of precise regulation, flexible control and special functions makes these controllers an indispensable component of modern ventilation systems.

Volume flow controllers from Wildeboer - the right air distribution technology solutions for you

Wildeboer volume flow controllers cover a wide range of requirements and offer the right solution for every application. From simple mechanical to ultra-modern electronic controllers with additional safety features, Wildeboer is your expert partner for efficient and reliable volume flow control in your ventilation and air conditioning system.

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